Working with Tanzanians includes observing relevant immigration Laws and Regulations applicable in Tanzania. It is the requirement under the Tanzanian immigration laws and regulation that, any foreigner intending to reside in the United Republic of Tanzania for investment, business, employment or any other legal activity to be issued with a Residence Permit except otherwise as may be provided by the laws. Also, a foreigner is strictly prohibited to remain in Tanzania upon the expiration of his residence permit.

Residence Permit

Generally to speak residence permit is a document or card required in allowing a foreign national to reside in Tanzania for a fixed or indefinite length of time. These may be permits for temporary residence or permanent residency.

Organ responsible to issue Residence Permit

Residence Permit is issued by the Immigration Services Department which is established under the Immigration Act. The department as one of the security organs under Ministry of Home Affairs is mandated to control and facilitate immigration issues in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Migrant Labour in Tanzania

For the non-citizen to work in Tanzania the institution or commission for employment in Tanzania must recognize that employee, this means he has to register himself as a non-citizen worker who work in Tanzania. The non-citizen worker in Tanzania are governed by the laws such as the Noncitizen (Employment Regulation) Act no 1 of 2015

Organ Responsible

The Minister responsible for Labour and Employment matters is the sole organ responsible in all matters relating to employment of noncitizens in Tanzania. It the organs responsible to issue a work permit to the noncitizens. The Minister may delegates such power to the Labour Commissioner be it general or specific in nature or to any person or institution to issue work permit to the noncitizens in Tanzania. This is in accordance with section 4 (1) and (2) of the Noncitizen (Employment Regulation) Act no. 1 of 2015.




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