Criminal Law

The Court of Appeal of Tanzania, which handles all the appeals from Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, is the highest ranking court in the country, followed by the High Court of Tanzania, which handles all types of civil and criminal cases and commercialmatters.

Family Law

The Law of Marriage Act, vests concurrent original jurisdiction in matrimonial proceedings in the High Court, a court of a resident magistrate, a district court and a primary court. No other person or institution can hear matrimonial proceedings other than the specified courts.

Investment Law

Tanzania enjoys an abundance of natural wealth which offers tremendous investment opportunities for investors. These include an excellent geographical location; arable land; mineral deposits and raw materials supply, a sizeable domestic and sub regional market.

Corporate Law

The most common business entities in Tanzania are private limited company and public limited company. Public and private company fulfil different economic purposes; the former to raise capital from the public to run the corporate enterprise, the latter to confer a separate legal personality on the business of a single trader or a partnership.

Civil Litigation

We are very reputable in the rules and practices involved in resolving disputes in the court system. The term is often associated with tort cases, we will repesent our clients in all kinds of cases, from contested divorces, to eviction proceedings.

Intellectual Property

Our experienced attorneys handle both contentious and non contentious trade/service mark matters nationally and internationally. Since the protection of trademarks involves several steps, our team will take you through each step till the end i.e. search, filing, prosecution & registration, renewal, assignment, change of name, change of address.

Employment Law

There are three specialized divisions within the High Courts: Labor, Commercial, and Corruption and Economic Crimes. The Labor, and Corruption and Economic Crimes divisions have exclusive jurisdiction over their respective matters, while the Commercial division is without exclusive jurisdiction.

Banking & Finance Law

We are involved in project financing, Conveyance, Banking (preparation and perfection of various security documents and syndicated loan agreements for various corporate bodies and Financial Institutions. Assist borrowers to deal with Bank and other Financial Institutions, due diligence by conduction various searches to borrowers and properties which have to be set as security to secure extended loans. We prepare security documents of all sorts and advise clients in various legal matters and lending transactions.

Immigration & International Law

Working with Tanzanians includes observing relevant immigration Laws and Regulations applicable in Tanzania. It is the requirement under the Tanzanian immigration laws and regulation that, any foreigner intending to reside in the United Republic of Tanzania for investment, business, employment or any other legal activity to be issued with a Residence Permit except otherwise as may be provided by the laws. Also, a foreigner is strictly prohibited to remain in Tanzania upon the expiration of his residence permit.