Intellectual Property

You need to register your trademark, copyright, patents, utility models, industrial designs and geographical indications in Congo

Trade/Service mark ®, ™, ℠

Our experienced attorneys handle both contentious and non contentious trade/service mark matters nationally and internationally. Since the protection of trademarks involves several steps, our team will take you through each step till the end i.e. search, filing, prosecution & registration, renewal, assignment, change of name, change of address.


We are attorney with a specialized qualification necessary to represent you in obtaining patent and acting in all matters and procedures relating to patent law and practice, such as filing an opposition, commercialization of patent, drafting various document and deed for securing inventors’ rights as well as representing you in various negotiation relating to the protected rights.

Industrial Designs

Industrial designs are constituted by the appearance of a product. It applies to a wide variety of products of industryor handicraft: from watches, jewelry, fashion and other luxury items, toindustrial and medical implements; from house ware, furniture and electricalappliances to vehicles and architectural structures; from practical goods and textile designs to leisure items, such as toys and pet accessories. Our experienced attorneys handle both contentious and non contentious industrial design matters nationally and internationally from protection to commercialization.


Our copyright attorneys understandthe bundle of rights attached in a copyright. We are committed to represent you in acquisition and defending you when someone else is using your idea or material without your permission, especially for financial gain as well commercialization of your copyright.






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